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Hello everyone!!!! Now i'm free! I'm officially on vacation till 30th and i have also finished language school ...for this term! Btw got an A! Hehehe i'm very happy!
Well, is there any news? I've got a few alerts of barney's version from google but i havent checked them out ...
Well, news... Not much really... Got an ipad as a present from my cousin! It's so cool! I'm still learning how to write properly on the onscreen keyboard, LOL but i'm doing ok
Finished to watched Defying Gravity with Ty Olsson, pity there's not a second season, it was really interesting and diffefent from other series.
Ok,more later! See ya!

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How are you all doing?
Finally it's weekend and have some more free time, though of course many other things to do, things i havent done over the week...

Yesterday I started printing my Xmas Greetings, printer didnt got all the right colors but well they didnt turned out any bad. I love them ^^

As for TV series... I'm watching Castle, Being Erica and The Mentalist.

And just this week I started with Shattered, of course I couldnt miss Ty Olsson, pity he had a small role...

Oh! just remember I havent got this week's MWB...have look for it.

Weeks ago I received my Kindle and I love it. I'd been considering the ebook for a while, but hadnt decided to buy know, it's not the same as having a paper book in your hands... anyway i made my choice and though i will be buying books in the future, this is quite a great gear!

Well that's all for now
See ya all


wow! i'd never experienced it before... and though while driving it isnt any 'funny'... once i was in the village, there was fog even in the streets! hahaha and that was really nice, like in another 'dreamy' world. I took some pix... here's one of them, taken from the top of the building where i's supposed to have a great view, with the valley and a mountain on the right of the shot...but as you can see...only fog this morning

What a FOGGY day! i must have passed through at least 7 fog b... on Twitpic


I've been neglecting the journal....I know.... not in the mood and well... good news is that I'M WORKING! for 2 months, till the end of the year... so I'm more busy than usual, of course. And those days I also have languages clases, I dont have time for anything...

That's all for now, just to say hi and that I dont forget you all! ;-)))

'11 For 11' Campaign Commercial Featuring The Trews and Paul Gross

Military Charity Releases '11 For 11' Campaign Commercial Featuring The Trews and Paul Gross
TORONTO, Nov. 1 /CNW/ - Canadian Hero Fund has released a new commercial featuring The Trews' song 'Highway of Heroes' and the voice of actor Paul Gross. The ad is for a new fundraising campaign, "11 for 11" that asks Canadians to donate $11 towards scholarships for the children of fallen soldiers. Visit for details.

Canadian Hero Fund, a charity founded by students, allocated its first bursary this fall worth $10,000. The recipient, Matthew Mellish, attends the University of New Brunswick, and is the son of Warrant Officer Frank Mellish who was killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

Learn more about Hero Fund at:





look what i found while surfing flickr. Just like Passchendaele Poster...

Supports going up after battle to relieve the front trenches, note the three observation balloons above the bright cloud

this was taken in 1917.......


Have you seen MWB yet? What do you think of it?

First thing to discuss of course it's Paul! I thought he was going to have a bit more of screen time...But well, it was really nice ^^

Besides that.....well though I got a general idea of the episode....I have to confess I didnt understood much! Jeez! what's wrong with me? am i loosing my touch? Now that I have started my English lessons and we're practising lot of listening/speaking, I thought I'd improved a bit...also I even listened to a few chapters of an audiobook and really GOT IT! so?... I felt a bit bad after watching the episode 'cos i hadnt got much!.....anyways...

Here's a couple of caps

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isnt it the same smile as in the 'new pic'??

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Oh and in this moment... with the conversation about the photo...he reminded me a lot to DARRYL!!! lol!!!!
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