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Paul on Barney's Version

Finally the movie was released in Spain yesterday and today i've watched it!
What to say about Paul's appearence?....TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!! Blink and you'll miss him! (at least the first time!)...Even his co-star in O'Malley (LOL) has more screen time! anyway..........HE WAS GORGEEEEEEEEEEOUS! and there were promotional pictures of O'Malley all over the Studio.........i wish those shots where available somewhere! they looked wonderful (though there wasnt any close up or clear take of them, pity!)

After Paul's first scene...i realized i had seen a picture long ago but i didnt know it was from Barney's! (or if i knew i had long forgotten!)....(now i've searched for the pic to add it here...i noticed it said barneys in the file name...LOL...i guess i didnt pay attention when i saved it)

all this time wondering how he would like...and i already knew it..........LOL

btw, in his second appearence, the take is closer, you can see him better... (looking forward to a download, i'm dying to make caps!)

Now the movie was ok...nothing special and very sad at the end....
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