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How are you all doing?
Finally it's weekend and have some more free time, though of course many other things to do, things i havent done over the week...

Yesterday I started printing my Xmas Greetings, printer didnt got all the right colors but well they didnt turned out any bad. I love them ^^

As for TV series... I'm watching Castle, Being Erica and The Mentalist.

And just this week I started with Shattered, of course I couldnt miss Ty Olsson, pity he had a small role...

Oh! just remember I havent got this week's MWB...have look for it.

Weeks ago I received my Kindle and I love it. I'd been considering the ebook for a while, but hadnt decided to buy know, it's not the same as having a paper book in your hands... anyway i made my choice and though i will be buying books in the future, this is quite a great gear!

Well that's all for now
See ya all
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