July 2nd, 2010


Happy (belated) Bday CANADA!!!

Well, I wasnt here to post this yesterday.......However...I celebrated Canada day in LONDON! oh yes! they were celebrating the day with many events at Trafalgar Square! And of course when I heard of it (two days before) I knew I couldnt miss it.

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So yesterday I went to Trafalgar Square to spend some time there. There was a hockey ring, foods, tourism stands, even a totem...Got many goodies from the tourism stands, also a little flag, a pin, 2 stickers (one was on my t-shirt and the other I put it on my notebook cover), a temporary tattoo and I even got a painted mapple leaf in my left arm! hehehe

But the best of all was..........well here's a picture....I dont usually post pic of myself in the Internet but well this one has to be posted...so using Rolling Stones lyrics (very appropiated as I was wearing one of my t-shirts):

Please allow me to introduce myself............AND THE MOUNTIES!

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I will post random pix from the event later, I still have to upload them ^^

Btw Canada Embassy has LOT OF FLAGS in its façade, unlike any other ebassies hahahaha.

Canadian goodies and the beginning of my trip...

Here's a few shots of the things i mentioned before:

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And now, going back to the beginning... I left my city last friday and headed for Aranjuez, in Madrid, where my cousin got married on Saturday. Geez................what a hot weather!!! I thought it was going to be more or less like my city, in the south of Spain but it was even hotter! So glad I was wearing short pants!
Well, that afternoon we had free time and went to the Royal Palace, which I was so looking forward to visiting it!

here's a few pix I took there:

Aranjuez Royal Palace - HDR

and fountain

Aranjuez Royal Palace Main Fountain - HDR

It was nice, though there werent enough panels explaining the rooms...

The next day was the wedding....and came with a very nice surprise....I GOT INTO A LIMO!! my cousing had hired a limo for his bride and after the wedding we all got into the limo to go to the restaurant! that was nice. I had always wanted to be in a limo ^^

And well that's all for now about the spanish part of my trip.........tomorrow London stories, I hope ^^