May 17th, 2010



Well, another weekend without Internet... I didnt do quite much... Saturday afternoon I went downtown, I wanted to take a look at a few shops. I was looking for some toys so I could take new pictures of my octopus toys (LOL)...but no luck. However, I discovered a new WIFI spot! at the shopping center! Good to know it ^^. Got some magazines here and there at the stores and then back home.

At night I watched Divided Loyalties (or almost, I finished to watch it on Sunday afternoon). Well I dont hate Paul's role...though yes, he's the bad one! haha he does it pretty good, of course. I liked when Joseph hits him and poor Walter falls onto the ground and looks so vulnerable haha.
I recognized Tantoo Cardinal, who appeared in Dr. Quinn. Btw didnt know she was canadian, just found it out.

Sunday, not much, just taking photos here and there of my muses (my tiny octopuses). Of course before the photo session I spent some time designing a pharaoh hat LOL. I had a lot of fun.