April 11th, 2010


Sunday's movie...

Watched 'the boys are back' with clive owen. It has been a nice watching. How a father has to manage to go on with his life and try to understand and raise his child after the loss of the mother/wife.

I didnt use to like clive owen but then one day i watched one of his movie and like it, the movie and him, so now i usually watch all his movies...

Now, in my movie's waiting list:

- The Cristmas card
- The Bounty hunter

and well many other but these two will be next ^^

Big moments in little films

If interested, i found out yesterday that they have a twitter account:


and they are tweeting indeed (though dont know who exactly LOL), however they're a bit 'late' i would say, for they posted paul's vid just yesterday and we've seen it last month (and it was posted on youtube even before that).

But it's cool. I like twitter because you can get many news, in an instant.