February 14th, 2010


Weekend movies...

I have watched a few movies, nothing 'really' good, a pity, and most of them disappointing.

Up in the air

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It was nice, I liked it but then 20 minutes before finishing...happened the worst, and ruined the whole movie for me. It was really disappointing. So, was it worth watching? mmm Dont think so, IMO it ends as it stars, no improving in the lead character life (more or less)...

I dont like Clooney but he wasnt bad in here, I liked him.

All about Steve

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With Sandra Bullock...I use to like her films, just to have a nice time. So I watched this, and it was ok, nothing more than having a good time. It's funny.


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Spanish movie...I dont usually watch spanish films because i find them disrespectful (full of swearing...really!), disgusting (some of them), and even obscene (others...). Of course there may be some good films,....but I dont like plots or actors....To sum up, not my cup of tea.

Anyway, Alejandro Amenabar films are quite good (maybe because he hires foreing actors? LOL)...And I like Ancient world so I couldnt miss this movie.
The story was interesting, the actors great and the set awesome. Unfortunatelly it doesnt have a 'happy' ending...it's a DRAMA, with capitals. Nice watching though sad (and a bit disappointed too) ending.
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Brave Soldat song...

Great find! I was surfing the net while my bro. was playing PS3...then I heard a song i liked...asked him which game he was playing and then looked for it:

Brave Soldat from Call of Duty 5

It's not a song to listen to very often but it's nice, and misterious...

Reminds me of a similar track which I also love Libera me from Interview with a vampire movie...